JCAR is proud to be one of the few Associations that offer two MLS’s.  Through JCAR you can subscribe to both Triangle MLS and North Carolina Regional MLS, expanding your reach throughout our county walls and beyond!

How to Join Triangle MLS and/or NC Regional MLS



To Join Triangle MLS, please contact TMLS’s membership Services.  You can find out how to join and all their contact information HERE!

Please fill out the coresponding application.  If you have any questions please contact membership@jcar.realtor

MLS Training Library

MLS Rules & Regulations


If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, contact Membership Services at 919.550.0252 or email membership.jcar@gmail.com.

Your best bet is to reach out to your BIC and ask them what they require for their office.  They will have the specific answer for you.  TMLS is our primary MLS, but we have the great added benefit of also providing the NC Regional MLS.  This is not a required MLS, rather an optional added benefit!  You get to decide!

Triangle MLS: For information on Triangle MLS Fees, please visit their website at www.trianglemls.com or call (919) 654-5419.

NC Regional MLS:  If you are joining NC Regional MLS on or after October 1, 2021, you can find all membership fees below.

JCAR Membershp Type  NCR MLS Fees
New Participant  $126 Quarterly ($42 a Month) + $50 App fee
Non Association Member Participant  $165 Quarterly ($55 a Month)
Transfer MLS Participant  $126 Quarterly ($42 a Month) + $50 App fee
JCAR NEW Firm  $1000 one time fee
Existing JCAR Firm (on or before 10.01.2021) $0.00
New Staff-Non Licensed  $90 Quarterly ($30 a Month) + $50 App fee
New Staff-Licensed  $126 Quarterly ($42 a Month) + $50 App fee
Home Inspector  $90 Quarterly ($30 a Month) + $50 App fee
Office Reconect Fee $126.00
Invoice Late Fee/Reactivation Fees $25
IDX Feed $150 Set Up Fee + $100 Annually (billed Q1)

NCRMLS Dues Payments are prorated monthly and non-refundable.  

Triangle MLS will make payement arrangements for your TMLS Access.  JCAR does not take any payments for Triangle MLS.

NC Regional Payments will go through JCAR, similar to how Annual Dues Payment is made.  You will recieve an email that your invoice is ready and you can then log onto your HUB ACCOUNT.  Please reach out to membership@jcar.realtor if you need help accessing your loging/password.

MLS Invoice Due Dates:

Q1-On or before January 1st

Q2-On or before April 1st

Q3- On or before July 1st

Q4- On or before October 1st


If dues on not paid by the above dates, MLS access will be withheld until payment is made along with a Reactivation Fee of $25.

MLS Dues are prorated monthly and non-refundable.

JCAR NOW OFFERS 2 MLS’S for the Price of 1 Association fee!!!

  1. North Carolina Regional MLS: All applications are electronic. Click HERE for the online application.  Once received, our membership team will process your information and payment.  Once complete, we will send you a Welcome and Important FYI email!
  2. Triangle MLS: All payments and applications will be sent to Triangle MLS.  For more details you please visit https://www.trianglemls.com/ or call 919.654.5500.

Triangle MLS:  Please reach out to Membership Services at (919) 654-5419.

NC Regional MLS:  Once JCAR has processed your NCRMLS application, we will send you a Welcome Letter with all the information regarding Orientation.  At this time, the NCRMLS through JCAR will have a training video and short quiz that you will be required to complete within 30 days from your Welcome Letter date.

PLEASE NOTE!  The MLS Orientation(s) are a separate class from your JCAR New Membership Orientation for the Association.  The JCAR Orientation is required to be completed within 90 days from the date of your Letter of Good Standing.